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We are an online chartered quantity surveying consultancy offering our clients a unique deconstructed fixed fee arrangement for cost planning, tender document preparation, progress payment recommendations and dispute resolution.  This allows you to select only those services you require for your project and provides you with cost certainty when planning your fee expenditure.

Order of Cost Estimates from under £500!

Used at the commencement of a scheme to help establish your development budget, our Order of Cost Estimates are prepared in accordance with the requirements of New Rules of Measurement 1.  Benefits include a summary elemental analysis for the project and an estimate of future Quantity Surveying fees for Lender purposes.  Or if, you're at an even earlier stage in the process, why not try our Early Cost Estimate Advice.  Based on square rate costs this produces a rapid range of cost expectations for just £99.  For more information, click below.


Mensura was established to solve a problem. That faced by  Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)  organisations wishing to gain access to professional quantity surveying practices but finding consultancies offering large fees for standard services much of which an SME doesn't want or need.  Wouldn't it be great if…

  • I could just “buy” a cost plan?
  • I knew what my fee expenditure was before I purchased the site?
  • I had a service that I could “draw-down” on when I need it, rather than paying for services that are “standard” but I don’t need?
  • If a single service provider could provide pre-contract, post-contract, dispute resolution and other services but I only commit to what I need when I need it?
  • My consultant didn’t hold large overheads and passed that saving onto me as their client?
  • My consultant offered a lean service providing only the services I need when I need them.
For more, see our Benefits Summary page.

 Case Study

Mensura has "deconstructed" quantity surveying as a service.  This approach allows us to provide clients only the service products that they need when they need it putting control of spend back in the client's hands in terms of the services they buy , when they buy them and how much they want to spend.

Our lean pricing service model, alongside our virtual store and service centre offering, allows us to provide a full Quantity Surveying service at a lower price point with lower overheads than our competitors.  Mensura also offers bulk buying discounts.  For example, there is a single price point for, say, a single interim valuation assessment but discounts apply when 5, 10 or 15 or more are purchased in a single transaction.  What other Surveying practices offer bulk buying discounts of this nature..?  

Typically our deconstructed service offering is 30-35% lower than our competitors - savings that are passed onto you, our clients.

Read our Case Study and see the savings for yourself.

Successful adjudication for Mensura Client.


We have completed yet another adjudication successfully.  This time a Mensura client received nearly £200,000 for unpaid variations on a residential development in the West Country.  Mensura provided client representation services.

Why not read our 4 part article on introducing net zero carbon strategies into existing property portfolios in the meantime?.

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