We are... Mensura Limited

Our Raison D'Etre


Mensura was established to fill a gap in the market for smaller developers, their contractors and lenders.    We address the need that small scale developers have for support from professional quantity surveying practices to ensure their projects are feasible and priced accurately for budget setting purposes.  Often these developers have trouble accessing this market as the larger professional practices  target larger schemes and do not publish their pricing.  Usually fees are presented as a lump sum for a project as a whole with relatively large sums.  The purpose behind Mensura is to make Professional Quantity Surveying services readily available to this market by providing a fixed price product that be purchased via an online shop.   In this way, smaller scale developers can assess their need and purchase suitable products at a time that suits them and without having to commit to large fees when it may be unclear to them what they are buying.  Download our Capability Statement.

Value Proposition

Small scale developers, who may be Small Self Administered Schemes (SSAS), partnerships or individuals who are not necessarily experienced in construction, may not necessarily understand the services that are being provided, nor access to this professional services market and feel their advisers are behind an opaque screen.  Such clients need to be guided through the development process to ensure they receive fees for work that is truly necessary and represent significant value for money.

Mensura solves this problem by providing transparency in what it does.  Our services are provided via our website where clients can create an account and purchase only those services that they feel they need.  We call this "deconstructed quantity surveying".  Our website clearly describes what each service is for, how it supports your development project and what the costs are.  Each piece of work is delivered as a separate order and therefore the client is not committed to a full fee upfront but purchase only that part or those parts of the service that they want.  This supports client budgets by giving them access to the advice they seek for a known cost and without committing them to making a consultant appointment for the whole project and incurring large fees as a result.

In addition to developer clients, Mensura also services the needs of those contractors responding to developer needs and lenders who finance such projects.  Our legally trained quantity surveyors also assist clients who enter into disputes on their project with a view to resolving conflict as quickly and cost effectively as possible. 

Our History

Mensura Limited is a product of the experiences of its Principals over many years.  This includes their previous businesses of Beckwith Mediation and Beckwith Surveying both of which have been carried forward into the new entity.  Beckwith Mediation was established in 2013 to service parties engaged in contentious proceedings and Beckwith Surveying provided quantity surveying services to small and medium sized enterprises.  Mensura now provides the full suite of services provided by both of the former businesses.


Thank you for your effort yesterday in resolving what has been a very protracted and long running dispute.  I thought I would pass on some comments from my client this morning about how impressed they were with the way you handled the matter and in helping to facilitate settlement.

Solicitor - Cambridge

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