Solving the Problem of Access to Professional Advisers

Mensura Limited, Chartered Quantity Surveyors, is an online consultancy that offers SME developers the ability to take back control of their fee expenditure for Quantity Surveying Services.  This is done by offering our service products through our online store in a “deconstructed” manner whereby clients can purchase the services they need when they need them without committing to expenditure for  “full” fee upfront.

Mensura has sought to solve the problem of SME developers access to professional Quantity Surveying Services.  Small developers often do not have a network of professional services consultancies to engage with, what they practices do and how the services are price is unknown and seen as something of a dark art.  At Mensura we feel it be good if these SME developers could log onto our website and “buy” the services they need, understanding the scope of what they are buying, knowing they are buying only what they need and this is all for a price that is proven to be competitive

Keep Control over Your Fee Expenditure

By deconstructing our service offering clients can buy the services they need when they need them.  This puts you in control of your fee expenditure.  If, for instance, you are comfortable that you and your in-house team you can cover all other tasks required for your development, you might then select, say, just a single Formal Cost Plan, a Tender Document and 10 Valuation Recommendations.  You are therefore only paying for what you need when you need it.  You are not paying for variation assessments that a traditional QS fee would include, likewise you are not paying for a final account and tender analysis that a traditional QS service would include.  But, should you decide that you want these services later you can simply add these to your basket and buy them when you need them,.  This piuts you in control of what your professional adviser is doing on your behalf.  Thus our service can be as lean and efficient as you need it or up-scaled as and when you have a requirement.  This process puts the control in the hands of you, the client.

We are able to offer full QS services at this lower price point due to our unique deconstructed model.  We have perfected how to deconstruct services and have established robust processes for all service product offerings in our store.

A Unique Approach to Spending on Professional Fees

By utilising the Mensura shop you can assess which services you require and price them up upfront.  You can then buy these services as you need them.  You know the expenditure ahead of the project taking place.  The Mensura Shop includes all of the pre, post and dispute related services that are typically needed.  New services are being added over time to stop by frequently to see what's new.

One of the true benefits of our deconstructed service offering is that due to the nature of our lean approach the overall fee expenditure is much  lower than a traditional consultancy.  In addition as our shop and service centre are all virtual we have very low overheads which are passed onto our clients as a saving on the overall fee expenditure.  We have reviewed our service offering against Quantity Surveying fees provided by a traditional practice and for the same service offering our fee expenditure is between 20%-30% lower than our competitor.  These savings are passed onto our clients.  Mensura also offers savings for bulk buying.  For example if you purchase 1 valuation assessment it is at a single price point, but discounts apply when 5 or more are purchased with further discounts offered when 10 or 15 or more are purchased at one time.  These savings benefit the client who is securing a lower price point per assessment and benefit Mensura as due to our pricing model we have security of workflow for a period of time.  We can therefore share the benefits with you.

For details of our fee analysis against traditional quantity surveying practices please refer to our Case Study page for full details.


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