Our Approach

About Us

Mensura Limited provides quantity surveying and related professional services within the UK construction industry, most notably for SME Developers, Contractors and Lenders.

We have a unique "deconstructed" business approach and are committed to delivering excellence through a results driven approach focusing on high quality and innovative solutions for our Clients. See here how our service operates.

We are committed to developing strong, valuable, relationships with our Clients through collaboration, applying and sharing our expert industry knowledge and working practices whilst acting with integrity and leading by example.

Our Client's needs are central to everything we do, and we are passionate about exceeding their expectations and driving successful and cost effective outcomes.

Why Mensura?

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and expertise and enabling our Client's projects.  Our core values are:

Collaboration - We work with you to understand your requirements and outcomes to drive effective solutions in line with your objectives.  This creates positive relationships and in turn delivers successful projects.

Excellence - Our method of working is to treat all Clients with the utmost of respect and as such our team reflects this in everything they do.  Our ethical culture and adherence to standards means that our Clients can be confident that our professionals are trustworthy, honest and reliable.

Knowledge - Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals have a detailed understanding of the construction and engineering industry.  We pass on this wealth of information to our Clients to ensure projects run efficiently and effectively every step of the way.

Leadership - We are passionate about the industry we work in, the services we provide and helping our Clients to succeed.  Our positive working attitude means we lead by example driving our customer focused results approach.  In short, we deliver what's best for you.

How We Work

Based in London, we provide services through the internet throughout the UK, delivered by experts you can trust.

Our team of honest and reliable professional advisers have a wealth of experience and knowledge within the construction and engineering sectors, working on both large and small projects.  Our Principals have more than 60 years industry experience between them.

Our hands-on approach is to deliver the highest possible quality services, cost effectively.  We provide our Clients with objective advice and support to enable successful project delivery.

With a right-first-time attitude, we take time to understand our Clients' requirements and pride ourselves in providing the best available support to fulfil Client aspirations.

We deliver best value outcomes for our Clients through an extensive understanding of the construction industry, employing robust monitoring and cost planning advice, value and risk management and cost control throughout the construction phase to completion and handover.

Regulated by RICS, we have developed a unique and transparent framework for service delivery.  we enact this by offering professional, impartial and objective advice to enable the desired outcomes for our Clients.

How our Services can Benefit You

Mensura is an RICS regulated multi service provider in the UK construction and engineering sectors.  We provide a wider range of service delivery solutions including Cost Consultancy and Quantity Surveying, Contentious services, Dispute Resolution and Independent Monitoring Surveying services.  Through our business Partners we also provide safe Aerial Data Collection Services using drone technology and non-reserved Legal Services.  Our unique "deconstructed" business model allows us to offer high-quality, innovative, solutions for our Clients.  We deliver best value outcomes for our Clients supporting a variety of organisations including SME Developers, their Contractors and Lenders.

We were the first business to bring Clients "deconstructed" professional services and probably remain the leading firm in doing so at the present time.  Our Principals are known for their reputation for excellence, value and the highest of standards.  With our integrated services solutions, we are committed to delivering added-value through customer excellence, industry-specialists, and cost effective, innovative solutions.

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