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Bills of Quantities (Civil Works)

When to use Bills of Quantities: Bills of Quantities (BQ) are the traditional and proven means of securing lump sum prices for undertaking building works.

Builders Quantities are used when there is not enough detail to prepare a BQ based on NRM2 or when a contractor needs only an approximate statement of quantities for the purposes of obtaining sub-contract prices, (i.e., where the time or cost of producing a firm BQ is not warranted). The initial resource cost of Builders Quantities is lower than preparing a BQ to NRM2 standards. Although the quantities are approximate the descriptions of work will be correct and this is of assistance should the work require to be remeasured on completion.

NRM2 bills of quantities provide greater reliability in tender prices (i.e., the work is precisely measured and described). If there were no design changes, an NRM2 BQ would provide a price at the tender stage which would equal the final cost. In practice, however, there will be changes and an NRM2 based BQ provides the best basis for cost control since the direct cost of the change can be assessed with reference to the rates provided in the BQ. The firmer the BQ, the better it is as a means of financial control.

Discounts are available when purchasing three or more different Work Packages at the same time. Please contact us for a discount code which will be added to your account. Create an account here.

Scope of Service

All Bills of Quantities (BQ) are based on the relevant provisions of NRM2.  Each BQ package includes:

  • List of Drawings and other Documents from which the BQ has been prepared
  • Bill of Quantities for the selected Work Package
  • Notes of Inclusions and Exclusions

Queries raised and answers provided.We will require certain information to be provided by you before we are able to start work.  We will set this out in our Confirmation Email to you.  We normally aim to complete a single package BQ within 1-2 weeks of receipt of the last piece of information required, subject to workload.  If you have particular delivery requirements then please insert a date for delivery in the Order form prior to checking out.  BQ's are delivered electronically via our Service Centre.  Prices stated are per Work Package.

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Tender Document Package

A Tender Document Package provides a basis for the obtaining of competitive tenders from Contractors or Sub-Contractors.  The scope of works and basis of contract is clearly defined and tenders received are consistent, comparable and can be utilised for subsequent cost control measures.

For work likely to exceed £5m construction cost, please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

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Bills of Quantities (Building Works)

The New Rules of Measurement 2 (NRM2) published by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in October 2021, provides standard detailed rules for the measurement and description of building works.  Bills of Quantities may be firm (NRM2 Bills of Quantities) to obtain a lump sum price for fully designed work or approximate (Builders Quantities) for obtaining sub-contract process or where work is subject to remeasurement.

For work likely to exceed £5m construction cost, please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

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