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Risk Register

When to use it: Prior to the commencement of building work to help identify project risks, evaluate them and allocate responsibility for their mitigation.  (Risk management may also be commenced during the pre-contract stages of the project.  If this is of interest to you then please contact us.)  Following an on-line workshop, we provide you with a bespoke risk register pertinent to your project and this forms the basis for monthly reviewed as the project proceeds.

Discounts are available when purchasing three or more Monthly Reviews at the same time.  Please contact us for a discount code which will be added to your added.  Create an account here.

Scope of Service

Our risk management process includes:

  1. Initial online risk management workshop with all relevant parties
  2. Preparation of initial risk register identifying risks, assessing likelihood and severity and recommending mitigation strategies
  3. Notes of exclusions
  4. Monthly updates to the risk register (if selected).
We will require certain information to be provided by you before we are able to start work.  We will set this out in our Confirmation Email to you.  We normally aim to complete the risk workshop and produce the risk register within 2 weeks of receipt of the last piece of information required, subject to workload.  If you have particular delivery requirements  then please insert a date for delivery in the Order Form prior to checking out.  Reports are delivered electronically via our Service Centre.  Prices stated for Monthly Review are per month.

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Loss and Expense Ascertainment

Construction contracts usually provide for the Contractor to claim direct loss and/or expense as a result of progress of the works being affected by matters for which the Client is responsible.  This might include delays in instructions, discrepancies in contract documents, instructions relating to variations, expenditure of provisional sums and so on.

For projects where single loss and expense claim or the aggregate of loss and expense claims is likely to exceed £100k please contact us for a quotation.

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Financial Statement/Cost Report

Preparing regular financial statements is a key means of keeping the Client informed of the financial health of a project.  We collate all the variation information together with anticipated changes to show the estimated final cost of the project each month.   This is balanced back to the approved budget  by adjusting the available contingency.

For projects where the construction cost is likely to exceed £5m please contact us for a quotation.

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