Proper management prevents poor performance

Douglas Beckwith
Saturday, June 10, 2023

Report: 2022 Construction Adjudication in the United Kingdom

Tracing Trends and Guiding Reform

In October 2022, Kings College London together with the Adjudication Society published the above report into adjudication trends.  The foreword, written by Lord Justice Coulson, opined:

"Two other things jump out at any informed reader of the Report.  The first is that users ascribe a high proportion of the causes of the underlying dispute to 'inadequate contract administration' ... and nearly as high a percentage ... to 'lack of competence of project participants'.  Those are high figures; it appears that construction professionals still have much to learn about the ways to ensure the smooth running of any project."

We take it the noble Lord meant the smooth running of projects in the financial sense given the reference to contract administration in the context of adjudication and not to smooth running of the project in in other ways.

James and I have between us almost 70 years of running projects and acting as contracts administrators.  We agree with Peter Coulson.  So we have decided to do something about it.  We have a number of initiatives to assist project participants and contracts administrators.



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