Independent Monitoring Surveying Services

Mensura offers Independent Monitoring Surveying services in connection with building and construction developments to the Banking and Lending sector.  Our approach ensures accurate and timely advice whilst identifying and evaluating project risks to protect our client's interests.

Our Independent Monitoring Surveying services team delivers expert knowledge and objective advice.  This strengthens project delivery and supports a wide range of funding arrangements.

By focusing on project related risk and funding arrangements, our Independent Monitoring Surveying service actively manages and protects your interests, whilst encouraging the Borrower to manage its risks, that might affect the lending facility.

Scope of the Service

We discuss and tailor our services to your lending criteria.  We identify the risks relevant to your business whilst monitoring, tracking and reporting progress throughout the project life cycle.  We pay particular attention to the project finance strategy to ensure you are in compete control of the lending facility.  This safeguards against risk and ensures the facility works in your best interests.  Our Independent Monitoring Surveying services includes:

  1. The Initial Report examining the readiness of the proposed project and the competency of the Borrower and its professional and contracting team.  An initial risk appraisal is carried out across all facets of the project that might affect the lending decision.
  2. Monthly reports to review progress on site and update the risk profile including the issue of a recommended Drawdown Certificate.
  3. Report on Practical Completion.
  4. Additional services (where required) to address matters such as defects, sales strategy and insolvency. (Contact us for a quotation).
We will require certain information to be provided by you before we are able to start work.  We will set this out in our Confirmation Email to you.  All Reports are delivered electronically via our Service Desk.  We do not provide copies of reports provided to other Clients but if you like to examine our report templates (subject to a Non-Disclosure Agreement) then please contact us.

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Interim Valuation

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For gross valuations likely to exceed £5m construction cost, please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Cost Plan

Cost Planning is undertaken in accordance with the New Rules of Measurement 1 (2021).  There are three levels of cost plan available depending upon the stage that the project has reached and the level of detail available.

For projects likely to exceed £5m construction cost, please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

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