ChatGPT and Deconstruction

Douglas Beckwith
Monday, February 6, 2023

A Trial Run

Jacques Derrida

There has been a lot of chat about ChatGPT (pardon the pun) of late so I thought I would try it out using our principles of deconstruction for professional services.

I posed the question, "Explain how Jacques Derrida's principles of deconstruction can be applied to the delivery of professional services."  This is what it said,

"Jacques Derrida's principles of deconstruction involves questioning and disrupting traditional binary oppositions (such as self/other, presence/absence) and hierarchical relationships within a text or cultural artifact. In professional services, this means examining and challenging dominant power dynamics and biases in the delivery of services. Deconstruction can lead to more equitable and inclusive practices by foregrounding marginalized perspectives and addressing power imbalances. By deconstructing assumptions and hegemonic ideologies, professional services can be more critically reflective and provide more nuanced and culturally sensitive solutions."

I like to think that we say much the same thing but in straightforward terms.  If you are interested in deconstruction principles to improve service delivery then please contact us, we will be happy to talk to you.


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