Businesses merge to form Mensura

Douglas Beckwith
Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Mensura Incorporated as Company

Mensura Logo

Mensura Limited, was today incorporated in England and Wales as a limited company.  Mensura builds on the previous businesses of its Principals and the work carried out by Beckwith Dispute Resolution (formerly Beckwith Mediation) and Beckwith Surveying.

Beckwith Mediation was established in 2013 by Douglas Beckwith to provide alternative dispute resolution services to the construction industry and its clients.  Beckwith Surveying was established to provide quantity surveying services to SME developers and contractors.

Mensura now brings these two work streams together in the one company.  It adopts a new way of providing consulting services, namely, in a "deconstructed" manner.  This means that Clients retain greater control over their consultant appointments requesting services only be carried out when they require them and saving fees overall on a given project.

Director, Douglas Beckwith, says, 

"This is an exciting new way to provide consulting services.  One day all consultancies will operate like this.   Services are self contained and easily purchased through our e-store.  Once ordered, we provide and support our work through our Service Centre, which operates a bit like a help desk.  It also contains a growing database of articles that enable Clients to "self-help" and rely less on asking their consultants questions, which would otherwise add to the cost of professional fees."


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